I embarked on my mission as a teacher first and then traced various fields in the last five decades. While introspecting my life, I question my self why did God design me to life? What is my life for? What was the glorious aim that God designed me to life? As these thoughts were upholding my mind, I accomplished the work that I was entrusted, to take it to its golden height. I thank God for making me the instrument for the same. As a result, to make my birthday a memorable event, Prashant and his activists of the Pratishthan assembled together, and with the value of ‘Survive by eyes’ upheld Eye Donation Pledge and in the presence of Saint Mahant Bhaskargiri Maharaj, 10,000 donors filled up the eye donation forms on 12th May 2010. For the first time I realized the importance of living worth for the society. If the minor efforts lead to bloom happiness in the lives of the blinds by offering them sight, there cannot be a second bliss like this. Prashant and his activists neither paused nor contented by Limca Book of Records. I am very proud to say that they are succeeded in accomplishing 221 eye donations by offering sights to 442 blinds. I pray God to strengthen the spirit of motivation in their efforts.

Hon. Yashwantraoji Gadakh PatilOur Mentor

The inner spirit did not allow me rest. I belong to a family of political heredity. Without inclining to politics and with the urge to work for the society, I selected the field of social work at the time when the descents of leaders were working in different political affairs. I feel happy today to have selected the social field. By inheriting the work for the deprived people, the Pratishthan was founded at the hands of senior social worker, Anna Hazare. We feel a little proud to view the Pratishthan has transformed into big bunyan tree. With the spirit to work for the blinds, we resolved to observe the birthday of Hon'ble Saheb as Eye Donation Pledge Day. All my colleagues worked as sight messenger in the vicinity and collected 25,000 eye donation forms. We have succeeded in attaining 221 eye donations. The Pratishthan has been recognized at national and international level and as a head of the Pratishthan I was honored. But I would like to say categorically that it is but the honor of all those activists who struggled days and nights. I am proud that ours will be squirrel's share in the mission to make India blind free.

Hon. Prashant Gadakh PatilPresident

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