• Anand Yatra
  • Anand Yatra

One who owns money can go anywhere he desires. He dreams it and can bring it into practice. However, the poor youths from the rural area does not have any idea of desired destination, the nature and the tour. Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan organized Anand Pilgrimage with 800 youths from Newasa taluka through Zelum Express to Vaishnavi Devi a place of worship to all religions and the farthest end of India. It became a matter of admiration that all pilgrims lived with integrity and secularism. The pilgrims have learnt the lesson that the nature brings human beings together and tourism teaches man how to live in adverse conditions. The rugged Marathi man hoists the flag to the end. Unity is strength. The pilgrimage enlivened the atmosphere in Newasa taluka and since then Jai Mata Di has become an expression of daily greeting for everyone.

Recollections spring from yesterday

Consciousness is of today

Dreams are for tomorrow

Lone wish:

Your yesterday be good

Today be attractive

Tomorrow be bright.

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