As per the dictum: The hands of the women that hold the harness of the cradle, develop the world, Women are supposed to be the wheels of the family chariot. Today women are educated; they can understand the transactions and shoulder to shoulder with men can work out the financial matters. Women are more practical if compared with men. With this motive, Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan raised the movement of Ladies Savings Gats in Newasa taluka. One perfect movement of Ladies Saving Groups was raised consisting one thousand gats of eleven thousand women. Without pause, the movement led into the loan disbursement of Rs.31 lac and 50 thousand to 13 saving gats in Newase in collaboration of Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan and District Cooperative Bank. The resolution was passed to avail the loan on 0 % interest. Today women have become self-reliant and have dominated the financial sectors of the society as their purses are full of money.

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