Falling in line with Mahatma Gandhijis thought, Honble Yashwantraoji Gadakh reiterated the proclamation; Return to villages and President of Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan, Honble Prashant Patil Gadakh upheld the proclamation and materialized the dream. The competitive guidance was started by Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan under the presidency of Honble Yashwantraoji Gadakh by facilitating the perfect open library in the proximity of natural beauty of Mula Education Society Campus, consequently the rural students need not go in the city in search of guidance. Hon’ble Prashant Patil Gadakh expressed the wish that one must construct ones path, as the lost day never returns. One must strive to recognize oneself. One cannot succeed by aping others. Don’t look back once you fix your goal. Devote for the escalation. Don’t shatter the trust of parents. Administrative service is a fine sector of social services and with the cooperation of Yashwant Study Club, many officers shall be placed.

"The path is meant for walking, Walking is not meant for path,

One who desires for high flight, never weigh the sky."

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