• Krutdnyata Award 2013
  • Krutdnyara Award 2014
  • Krutdnyata Puraskar

We owe a lot to society, inspired out of this noble zeal, Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan resolved to confer the Krutdnyata Award to pay back for the deeds, on those who achieved excellence in diverse fields as philosophers, scientists and humanitarians and served the nation. Ultramodern technologies should be applied for the development of the common people. The country can be empowered through the empowerment of the poor and the blind. The young generation must nurture the unconquerable optimism to dream for the development of the country. Owning these feelings, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar; scientist of world repute, Nasima Hurjuk; social activist, Gulzar; senior poet-director, Anil Kakodkar; nuclear scientist, Babasaheb Purandare; a noted historian, Dr. Prakash and Mandakini Amate; social activists, Nagraj Manjule; Film Director, Sadanadji More, were bestowed with the award. The Pratishtan is always at the front to avail to the youths the thoughts of the dignitaries who achieved heroic deeds and thereby shaping the future directions of the youths through the inspiration of the thoughts.

Acute struggle, till you achieve a considerable height in the society

Once achieved , the height solves the problem itself.

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