The village Morye Chinchore has been adopted for providing medical facilities, yet the efforts shall be made to provide other facilities too.

Navnath More

The village developed through the scheme of Adopted Villages. The farm roads are constructed along the village. The village is the beneficiary of Govt. first prize, for quarrel free villages.

Pandharinath More

It is the pleasant thing that due to this activity, the Kautiki River is going to restore the glory that existed 30-40 years ago

Mehboob Sayyed

This work of beautification shall be accomplished as directed by senior leader Honble Gadakh Saheb and Honble MLA Shankarrao Gadakh Saheb as they would find it to be proud of.

Rajendra Borude

On the outset I would like to thank President of Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan; Prashantbhau Gadakh. I was orphaned by my father in a rural area like Fattehpur and only with the illiterate mother to care for the two siblings by doing labor. I wished to learn by holding the ideal of Savitribai Phule and by looking at the face of the mother. Made helpless by the misery, I wondered if the light of knowledge would creep in or not and would continue the education or not. Right at that time I recollected the Pratishtan and sensitive Prashantbhau. I met him and conveyed the misery and at once he allowed and my hopes were vitalized. I am so happy that I got one brother for supporting me. It is only because of Bhau that I am completing my education in B.C.A . My family shall always remain in debts for the Pratishtan.

Jarhad Diksha Kisan

I do not remember when my parents attained heaven. A distant aunty who used to scrub utensil and wash cloths at others houses nurtured me and educated me up to 10th std. She found it difficult to manage with her own family and my nurturing with education. I started feeling that everything has been finished and I might not continue education as there is nobody to support me. But I heard somewhere that Sonai son and dutiful educational enthusiast Prashantbhau Gadakh assisted such misery stricken students to complete their education. I met Prashantbhau and he promised me to help in all manners. At that moment I started coloring dreams of the brightness in my life. Later he availed me hostel and admission in B.C.A. Prashantbhau is one of the great thinkers and a support to orphans. I am what I am because of the president of the Pratishtan;

Rajkumar Gupta

I belonged to a poor farmer family. My mother expired on 01.06.2010 due to old age. Our family unanimously decided for her eye donation. This resulted in the first eye donation through Yashwant Samajik Pratishtan. I was honoured by Rotary Club at Pune for this act. A child girl seating by my side had corneal transplantation. She saw the world, I saw my mother in her eyes.

Chandrakant Raut

Taking cognizance from the teaching of senior leader Gadakh Saheb, the platform was made available for women and small children.

Rani Rajendra Gugale

Villagers participate and support to the religious, social and cultural programs undertaken. The work undertaken flourishes with the cooperative efforts.

Vishwas Mama Gadakh

The Grampanchayat has already undertaken the activity of plantation. A nursery has been maintained.

Pushpa Bankar

Shanaishwar Deosthan shall undertake the plantation in the village and along the side of roads. Orientation and preservation about trees will be done.

Sopanrao Bankar

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